TinyMCE — online HTML editor review.

TinyMCE — is an open source online HTML editor. It looks like the developers decided to combine all the best of already available solutions. There is a third party module that incorporates this editor into "Drupal" — the open source content management framework.

The generated code is neat, the only flow is that it does not have line breaks. No line breaks means that the whole code is put into one very long line which makes it hard to maintain. For the markup the editor relies on tags, instead of CSS styles. This feature makes it easier to style outputted code with sitewide CSS.

Integrating TinyMCE is very easy. By default only two lines of code take care of replacing all the textareas on the page.

The only problem I have so far is trying to see or edit HTML code in FireFox 1.5. The popup shows blank and no entered code is posted to the editor's window.



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  • Tony Landis
  • 2007-11-28 15:07:45
TinyMCE I gave up on this and developed a bridge to desktop editing applications

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