ReShemot — lists of Jewish names

ReShemot allowes users to pick a Jewish name for their baby by creating a list and sharing it with others. The lists are available from anywhere which makes it easy to edit and view them.

The site uses Open ID for authentication almost eliminating the need to register.

  • The site is available in English, Russian and Hebrew languages.
  • Users can create name lists without the need to register.
  • Unregistered users are able to edit their lists for 14 days, after which period the lists are read only.
  • Users can view the most popular names at the moment and see which lists use the most popular names.
  • Based on the names the user likes the site suggests other names that other users used in their list alongside user's favorite names.
  • Creating a name lists is easy using an Ajax interface with autocomplete and drag-and-drop functionality.

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